The Top Five Best Inversion Tables

man on inversion table

Inversion table reviews from satisfied customers who use it once or twice a day for a minimal time of five minutes, shows that it helps to relieve back, shoulder and neck pain, this is because the equipment uses gravity to relieve any discomfort you might be undergoing. If you are looking for an inversion table to buy here are the top five best inversion tables that you can choose from.

Innova fitness ITX9600 heavy duty deluxe

It is one of the best kind inversion therapy table, because it has a large padded back rest and when you are using it you will be comfortable as the padded backrest provides for that, in addition it also has thick foam leg rollers which adds for your inverting comfort, there is also a 4 position adjustable safety pin that comes with it and which provides for easy positioning. Moreover you will also get a safer inversion once you get to use this type of table contrary to the old strap systems.

Iron man gravity 4000

If you want to reduce your back stress then this type of inversion table is for you because it has a sturdy table, it also helps in stimulating blood circulation thus you won’t need a message therapist, and there is also a tough rubber non skid floor stabilizer that will offer stability to you when using it.

Body champ IT8070

In case you want your spine to be stretched or even your back muscle to be relaxed then I would advise you to use this type of inversion table for it provides for that, if you want to adjust your ankle during therapy then it would be easy, for this inversion table has a lower spring loaded pull pin which allows easy ankle adjustment, you will also be safe when using it because there is safety straps which will enable you to maneuver in every inverting angle.

Exerpeutic inversion table

One thing about this type of inversion table is that you can use it in every angle that you feel is good and also it is easily adjustable to any height, it is a preferred one for heavier people because it can be able to accommodate a 300 pound weight capacity and as if that is not enough for your guaranteed safety it has handle bars that are extra long and of full loop, there is also a tether strap that provides for easy adjustment and your safety.

Invertio premium folding inversion table

This type of inversion can also accommodate a 300 pound weight, it also adjustable to any height that a person would want; another thing about this type of inversion table is that in case you want to move it from its current position to a new one it won’t be difficult for it has steel frame that is foldable.


Your needs or requirement should be the guiding factor when you want to have an inversion table and going through the inversion table reviews from customers we see many of them too much concerned with the budget or best brands available, well I wouldn’t say being concerned with all that is bad but your health should be your first priority.