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5 Apps To Control Your Desktop From Your iPhone

For those of us who are constantly on the go, the smartphone revolution has truly changed our lives. With a world of information at our fingertips and constant access to communication, we can entertain ourselves, connect with others, and get work done – all with a few taps of a screen. Despite the...

5 Amazing Gadgets And iPhone Apps That Will Help You Conceive

If you’re trying to become pregnant you don’t have to do it alone. It will usually take a while to conceive and if you already have your heart set on it you might not want it taking forever. That’s why it’s always a good idea to get the best help you can afford. I’m not...

How Technology Can Help You When You’re Stuck Without Cash

Being stuck without money is a serious problem and if you find yourself in this situation then it quickly becomes apparent just how much rely on cash to get by in life. If you’re not at home and you can’t access your money, then this can leave you unable to pay for transport, unable to buy...

3 Workout Apps to Help Get those Results You Crave

Getting the lean and healthy body you crave isn’t just based on nutrition, running, or excessive amounts of lifting. Instead, it is the usage of a balanced plan that’ll leave you feeling great with the body you want, a process which has become even easier with the invention of the iPhone....
iphone apps

The Realist’s Edition Of The iPhone 5

It has become like an annual festival. Every year, technical experts and websites around the world speculate what the new release of the Apple iPhone will have to offer. Some of these speculations end up turning into what people hold in their hands on the release dates while most of the times, the over-optimism...

7 Real Estate Apps For The Frequent Buyer

Buying a house or looking for property can simply be the most tiring thing you encounter in your life. You move from one neighborhood to another and encounter several agents who all want you to buy their house. It is frustrating to get the house you love with the perfect yard, finish and paint only for...

A Beginner’s Guide To Triumph In Using Apps For Better Financial Management

Let’s face it, smartphones are here to stay and most of us are addicts. Smartphone addiction is an interesting phenomenon, you can stare at that little screen, and enjoying the features it offers instead of going out and actually experiencing the world for yourself. If you even need directions...
iphone apps

5 Awesome Apps for Tracking Your Medical Records

In the perfect world, you would have one doctor, visit one pharmacy, and know everything about your medical records. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. However, there are things you can do to make it easier to keep up with all the information. Whether you’re keeping up with vaccination records...
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