5 Awesome Apps for Tracking Your Medical Records

In the perfect world, you would have one doctor, visit one pharmacy, and know everything about your medical records. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. However, there are things you can do to make it easier to keep up with all the information. Whether you’re keeping up with vaccination records for your children or keeping up with the medical records for your entire family, an app may be the answer. Here are just five awesome apps for tracking your medical records.

Vaccination Record for Travellers by Dr. Deb The Travel Doctor – FREE

Vaccination records aren’t something you ever think about until you need them. This usually happens when you’re planning a trip to a foreign country. This is where the Vaccination Record for Travellers app comes in handy. With this app you can keep an accurate record of your vaccinations and make your traveling experience a little bit less stressful.

Family Health Organizer by Siyami Apps, LLC – $1.89

Being able to keep up with the family’s medical records, prescriptions, allergies, appointments, etc in priceless. This app even gives you the ability to plan your doctor’s visit by creating a list of symptoms. The Family Health Organizer is a must-have for busy parents.

Medical Tracker 2012 by Creating Genius, Inc. – $1.95

Medical Tracker allows you to track the medial records of your friends, family, and anyone else you care for. You can log doctor’s appointments, keep up with prescriptions, make note of health issues, and more. This is a great app for anyone that wants to have better control over their health.

My Medical Info by Murry Electronics – $1.99

My Medical Info allows you to create a patient and then track six categories of medical information. Not only can you track medical history, current conditions, allergies, and prescriptions, but you can also create an address book for the patient’s doctors, pharmacies, etc. This allows you to pull up everything you need while at the doctor’s office or ER, 24 hours a day.

Vaccination Record by SmartWare, Inc. – $2.50

Last, but not least, a must-have app for parents is the Vaccination Record app. This app prevents the need to dig through stacks of paper by keeping the vaccination records of all your children in one place. The app is easy to use and easy to update.

Medical records can be difficult to keep up with, but there are a number of apps that make it easier to keep up with your whole family’s records. Whether you want to track vaccinations or allergies, the information can be accessed with just a couple taps on your smartphone.

About the Author: Lorette Procaccini loves to develop android and iphone apps and focuses mainly on functionality – like data tracking, calendars, and medical record keeping for individuals.

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