7 Real Estate Apps For The Frequent Buyer

Buying a house or looking for property can simply be the most tiring thing you encounter in your life. You move from one neighborhood to another and encounter several agents who all want you to buy their house.

It is frustrating to get the house you love with the perfect yard, finish and paint only for you to start moving in and find out it is too small or you have to dismantle your things to have them get through the door. Nothing can be more annoying than a house that is just a building and not the home it is meant to be.

Avoid all this problems by using your phones. Yes, tap on your lovely smartphone and get some apps that will help you find the perfect house. The smartphone truly is a phone worthy of its name!

1. Home Tracker

Many people get home after a tiresome house hunt, only to try to choose what they want they realize they cannot even remember what they saw during the day! It surely makes the whole exercise fruitless. The home tracker keeps every little detail in mind for you. You view houses, take notes that will enable you to remember it and what you liked the most. Accompany the details with a picture and your selection process will be simpler.

2. Mortgage Calculator

Do not let the rosy contract or the sweet words of the agent lure you into buying the high interest home. No matter how lovely it seems, get your numbers right. Use this app to find out the interest rates, how much you pay in total and how on a monthly basis. Combine it with the home tracker and add a mortgage note to each house you view. The best thing is that it makes the math interesting as it has a cool interface that is simple to use and interactive.

3. Where

Have everything within your reach by using the where app. The locator app allows you to find the necessities you want in your neighborhood. When viewing a house, type in the location then find the nearest school, hospital, day care centre, fire station, or convenience store; anything you want. If it is not within your reach then you know what house to consider and which one not to buy. As long as the house is listed, you will see everything in its surrounding.

4. Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

Every time the real estate agent starts to speak, all you hear is jargon. You get lost with all the fancy words they use and yet cannot ask them to define. Instead of the confusion whip out your phone, type in the word and it will define it simply. Instead of the typical dictionary definition that leaves you more confused, it puts the word simply in way that makes sense to you.  You can use it in your research or to in getting your facts right when doing the walkthroughs.

5. Ruler Phone

The apps seem to be getting smarter by the day and this nifty one uses a credit card to get you house measurements. Take your phone and take the full picture of the space you want to measure. Once you have it in view, place a credit card in the picture then snap. This app will use the credit card to get you accurate measurements. Long gone are the days of carrying a measuring tape around or using your foot span to know whether your furniture will fit.

6. Houzz

This app is the interior designer right inside your phone. It comes with a number of pictures and model houses. You know the house you want in your mind but cannot describe it. Use this app to create a form of scrapbook in your phone. Pick out kitchen, living room, patio and other ideas from the offered pictures and get your own mixed style. Shop around with a great idea in mind.

7. Offender Locator

If you are a parent then you will definitely relate with the Offender app that does a wonderful job in locating offenders near your new home. Keep your children safe by locating sexual offenders easily. Enter the listing and it will pop up the location for you.

Brian Taylor is a blogger and copy writer with stellasettlements.com.au. Brian enjoys writing posts that help real estate professionals and individuals interested in buying or selling properties.

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