Apple TV Hack MobileX

Failing to see Apple offer an App Store for Apple TV, developers have created a window manager to display Mobilex iPhone and iPad applications in full screen.

See a lack of land access to applications from the App Store on the Apple TV, developers have come up with a hack called Mobilex that displays iPhone and iPad applications in full screen via the housing.

apple tv hackMobilex is presented as a window manager to resize iOS providing mobile applications in 720p. The device uses various tricks to add to the Apple TV entry systems and provides menus to close applications, launch Safari, to ensure the WiFi connection, or to view multiple applications simultaneously via Apple Remote function.

Mobilex is still under development and not yet available in final version. He asked to go through the jailbreak Apple TV Sais0nPass to be functional. The developers have released a video in which they show the operation of the Facebook app for iPad in full screen, as well as specific applications from Apple

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