Apps to Make Your iPad or iPhone a Fun-Seeking Tour Guide

placesIts summertime and vacation is in the air. Whether you’re planning a few weekend road trips to neighboring tourist traps or a weeklong getaway with the family to an unknown destination, you’ll get some much needed rest and relaxation. It can take a bit of research to plan a fun trip with everyone’s interests and tastes in mind.

New smart phone technology can come in handy when you’re in an unfamiliar area. Whether you’re looking for great food, entertainment, or just a restroom, a travel guide app for your phone can help you get instant information at your fingertips.

Google Places

Google Places provides an accurate list of items when you enter a search, as opposed to some other apps that give you too much misleading information to sift through. You can also search the database for items by category and get access to customer reviews on the placed you choose. If you feel like helping Google out, you can even rate the location after you’ve visited.


Looking for a travel guide for your destination? mTrip makes apps for many major cities worldwide that can help you find your way around. It includes many helpful functions like a trip itinerary, tourism information and social media sharing capabilities to help you share your experience with friends.  

Audio Tours

If you’re lucky enough to be traveling with kids, chances are they’ll keep you guessing with all of their questions. When a tour guide is unavailable, or you’d rather go it alone, you can still get narrated tours of various museums, zoos and exhibits via your cell phone. Just use this Google Search of iTunes when planning your trip or check the app store on your phone to find a walking tour where you are.


AroundMe allows you to search for specific locations based on categories like stores, restaurants, hospitals or banks. You can also input any location and it will pull up all the information you could possibly want on various points of interest. The app is iPad compatible, making the screen easy to read and manipulate even on your phone.

Where To?where to

Another way to search your current area for things to do and see is with Where To? This app has a few more features than the more basic ones. For example, it gives you a broader list of points of interest while allowing you to edit it and tag your favorites. That way, if you’re not interested in the local museums, you can delete them off the list. Once you’ve targeted the place you want to visit, you can view it in map form or in augmented reality.


These travel tools are also helpful for teens while away at summer camp or in a gap year program. Visit AdventuresCrossCountry to find the right summer program for your gap year.

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