Don’t Buy That iPhone Yet

If you are tempted to dive in and buy a new iPhone this summer, there are some compelling reasons why you should put your plans on hold.  The biggest is the rumored arrival of the iPhone 5 sometime in the fall of 2012.  Rumors are still out there regarding radical changes to the design and form factor of the next iPhone:  the screen will be larger, the housing thinner, and it won’t be encased in shatter-loving glass.  Yet these are only rumors and may not come to fruition.

Another reason to hold off on buying an iPhone now is that currently existing models like the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S are all remarkably similar in their datedness.  If you really need a smartphone right now, Android phones have gone leaps and bounds beyond Apple in design and functionality, offering more variety and the ability to customize the smart phone experience to the individual.  When you hold up virtually any of the most recent Samsung Android devices to compare with the iPhone 4S, Apple is pretty well outshined on most counts. It is unless you are a die-hard fan of iOS and its nearly flawless integration with iCloud and easy syncing with Macs. 

Apparently, millions of people are quite attached to their overall iOS experience and it is for precisely that reason they remain loyal to the iPhone, while admittedly being disappointed in how long it is taking Apple to update the design and the operating system.  It’s understandable given that Apple has invested a lot in providing its own unique ecosystem of devices and software support to keep their customers happy and feeling protected from the kinds of dangers inherent in more “open” systems. 

Even so, if you don’t already own an iPhone and you want one, now is not the time to indulge that desire.  It is highly likely that the new iPhone will be released within the next 60 days.  The only reason I would advise anyone to buy a new smartphone today is if that person were interested in an Android device, since there are plenty of great ones to choose from already on the market.  The Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III are only two of the best options out there at the moment, with more on the way. 

If you’re sitting on the fence and not committed to either iOS or Android, it would still do you well to wait this out since there will be all new options for you by fall.

Melonie McLaurin enjoys blogging about technology.  She currently writes for NonStopVid in promotion of satellite TV from DirecTV.

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