OS X Mountain Lion Announced By Apple

Apple announced the new version of its Mac operating system to be launched at the end of summer. Mountain Lion will bring features from IOS. The U.S. computer manufacturer Apple on Thursday launched the ninth version of its Mac OS X operating system, interestingly named OS X Mountain Lion, which borrows applications including the popular iPad tablet computer.

os x mountain lionIn a statement, Apple explained that Mountain Lion brings to Mac applications messaging, notes, reminders and games of the iPad, as well as the notification center, Twitter integration and the AirPlay feature mirroring, which allows wirelessly stream music on a television or a stereo from an iPod or iPad.

“Mountain Lion is the first version of OS X designed with in mind the icloud”, the storage system of content online from Apple, the statement said.

“Mac users can move the system from the [online store] Mac App Store in late summer 2012,” notes the group.

OS X Mountain Lion does not mark a revolution in visuals or ergonomics, this is simply an evolution of an existing operating system. Mainly you will find it only improves the user experience.

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