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5 Apps To Control Your Desktop From Your iPhone

For those of us who are constantly on the go, the smartphone revolution has truly changed our lives. With a world of information at our fingertips and constant access to communication, we can entertain ourselves, connect with others, and get work done – all with a few taps of a screen. Despite the...
iphone apps

10 Ways Your iPhone Keeps You Organised

Once you become an iPhone owner you’ll find you’ll change your way of doing many things. For instance, no longer will you be carrying around an address book, as your daily planner can be thrown out the door, you never have to ask anybody else when you’re due for your next appointment,...

Top 8 Reasons For The Growing Popularity Of Windows Azure

Windows Azure is the Microsoft cloud services development, hosting and management environment that operates through Microsoft Data centers. To put it simply, Microsoft Azure provides scalable computing and storage facilities, along with facilities for developing new applications. To understand what...

The 7 Best iPhone Apps You Will Find on the App Store

Before the end of the year, the app store will have over a million apps for the iPhone. The store is filled with apps that make your use of the device a complete joy. It’s got everything right from helping you get work done faster and on the go, to providing you endless entertainment. Here are 7 iPhone...

Smart Choice of Mobile Internet Plan

The most important point before going to apply for your mobile internet connection knowing that there is no perfect mobile internet connection; almost every mobile internet plan has developed internet plan for everybody, in that case it is difficult to get exactly what you really want. And also it...

Getting a Contract For Your Mobile Phone Even if Blacklisted

Many us have been dealing with financial issues over the last few years. Even though the current state of the economy is a little more stable compared to the drastic financial collapse that happened a few years ago, there are still people out there who are struggling to pay off their debts. If you are...

Apple Maps: A Case of Style Over Substance?

Promising to be ‘the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever’ Apple Maps is the app set to replace Google’s offering for iOS 6. In typical Cupertino fashion, the focus is on a clean user experience: vector-based images and high-resolution 3D views are the landmark features...
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US Consumers Slow Adapters To Mobile Payments

Even though Apple is a big leader in the area of smart phones, they are really only a small part of the massive confluence that is wireless finance, a world that includes players as varied as merchants, banks, credit card companies and processors, various smart phone on a variety of operating systems...
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