new motorola RAZR

Brand New Motorola RAZR Hits The Market With A Bang

Motorola delivers to the market a name full of history: the new Motorola RAZR. With a glass facade carved with touches of aluminum, the Motorola RAZR is a smartphone running on Android 2.3.5 with a housing and KEVLAR Gorilla glass particularly resistant to scratches. In fact, every element, including...
iPhone Sprint

The Apple iPhone 4 – Sublime Smartphone – Leader In It’s Class?

The iPhone 4 offers you a revamp in finishing touches with glass and stainless steel. It is also bundled with numerous exciting features: FaceTime, which makes real time video calling come to life, plus brand new Retina display from Apple, featuring extremely high resolution, the most ever offered on...
iPhone 4s 16gb

The All New Apple iPhone 4S 16Gb Under The Spotlight

Just released, and the iPhone 4S 16Gb is already selling like hot cakes. However, unlike the iPhone 4 which contrasted sharply with its predecessors, the 4S seems more conservative, despite a shimmering style. Let’s see if appearances are deceptive. It’s really difficult for the iPhone 4S...
samsung ultrabook

The New Samsung Ultrabook Is An “Ultrabook” After All – Say Intel

A couple of days ago, we presented new Samsung laptops as ultrabooks. However, we had some reservations about the use of the term coined by Intel to describe computers that meet the specifications with fairly strict guidelines. Indeed, the 5 Series notebooks we deemed a little too thick, heavy and expensive...

Intel DX79TO Extreme Motherboard For Sandy Bridge-E

Intel unveils a brand new model of motherboard socket LGA 2011 dedicated to its Sandy Bridge-E, based on the DX79TO x79 chipset ATX form factor to low-end. Intel Core i7 Extreme Editions are expected in this line producing eight memory banks that can go up to DDR3 1600 MHz, supports up to 64GB of RAM...
apple tv

Apple TV – To Be In Stores By This Time Next Year?

The much talked about Apple TV is being touted as on it’s way, even though no official announcement has yet been reported. According to Gene Munster, an analyst who has been predicting for ages the arrival of a television under the Apple brand, such a product will soon be emerging. According to...
4G mobile

Reasons For A 4G Mobile Network To Fail Before It Starts

Long Term Evolution, a new (fourth-generation) 4G mobile network, is likely to have fragmentation issues making it less attractive. A study of the development of the log term evolution by the group Wireless Intelligence, conducted around the world, showed we have 38 different frequency bands to support...
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samsung ultrabook

New Samsung Ultrabook Laptop Models Released

samsung ultrabookTwo new models of Samsung Ultrabook have been released, but should not really be “Ultrabook” because they do not stick to the specifications of Intel. Usually the term “ultrabook” is used to describe phones that conform to Intel specification. Samsung dares presenting...
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