Nokia C6 Linux Mobile Phone Device In Focus

Announced early this year, the Nokia C6 is a touch smartphone which is branded as Linux mobile phones. But despite its positioning, the terminal still has a solid configuration with an 8 megapixel photo sensor. Fairly close to the C7-00, a more upscale version, let’s see how this phone is doing as already is selling well with some operators.

Sideways on, Nokia C6-01 is surprise: as heard on a regular basis, yes, it looks like a bit of an “old cell phone”. We like it as it has beauty that feeds the competition.

Nokia C6 Linux MobileCompact, the phone fits perfectly in hand, its back slightly arched to hold well in the palm of the hand. Its a shame that the thickness is not as contained as the width of the device. In the same vein, its 131 grams on the scales is a surprise, given the small size of the Linux mobile phone.

Rather simple to understand, one can not deny that the ergonomics of the Linux operating system has been improved: it is less “labyrinthine” than before. However, the system, and his cover is still low compared to competition (Android, iOS, Bada particular). However, every day, even simple guy, will use this Nokia C6 Linux mobile phone.

Three home pages allow you to organize the “digital life” with the applications (the menu is accessed through the physical key central) and widgets. The Nokia C6-01 allows multitasking, however consider cutting the applications you do not use, just to earn some responsiveness.

Precisely in terms of timeliness the Nokia C6 phone is fairly fluid overall. In short, it is still far from an iPhone or an Samsung Galaxy S2, to name a few, which we agree, do not contribute in the same category.

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