Samsung F480 Style And Specifications

On paper, the Samsung F480, looks amazing. The data sheet of the specifications of Samsung F480 mobile displays a thousand promises. Is it useable? We invite you to discover in this test!

For the Samsung F480 Style Samsung tries to capture a full touch mobile. It must be said that it’s no their first attempt. After Armani, the F700 and the Player, F480 style is the fourth phone of its kind to emerge from Korean factories in less than a year. The first models were not perfect but showed a steady improvement.

The design, it hardly stands out from its predecessors. And it’s no worse to the extent that they were already superb. The manufacturer therefore incorporates fine lines, made of gray chrome for the front. The measurements of the mobile device make it ideal for those who do not want full pockets. It is not much bigger than Armani, latest models in the Samsung range are the size of a credit card. Finally, the pack of the Samsung F480 Style does not conform. It is looking very classic, featuring the usual charger, USB cable, installation CD, etc..

The small size of this cell phone does not stop you viewing a stunning 2.8-inch screen. The vibration feedback technology VibeTonz is once again included. Remember, every time the user presses the screen, the mobile sends back a slight vibration (intensity selectable) to acknowledge. This technology is particularly valuable when it comes to entering text or a phone number.

In the end, all previous models of Samsung Touch suffered a heavy operating system, but the F480 Style returns to simplicity and efficiency. This is not at the expense of features, both in abundance and are successfully implemented. As you can see, we’ve really been taken by this phone! Do not compare it to an iPhone, it’s not playing in the same field.

No, the Samsung F480 Style is more for those looking for a complete phone rather than a smartphone. From this point of view then, Samsung has successfully fulfilled its contract! Especially the basic telephone functions are impeccable. Only downside, autonomy inevitably suffers from the deluge of media (3G + top) and the large touch screen. If you watch videos or surf regularly, battery life is barely more than a day. For those who use more sparingly, this time may increase to 3 days.

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