Success Of The Galaxy Note Rises

One could doubt the success of the Galaxy Note, the terminal that blurs the lines between smartphone and tablet. But success is by appointment.

samsung galaxy noteSamsung Galaxy Note (2). PNGEn seeing land the giant Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy Rating, many have questioned the claim that there could be a mobile with a screen as large (5.3 “or 13.5 cm diagonal). It is certainly the first time that a terminal of this size is sold, but previous efforts have not attracted the crowds. remains with the strike force and Samsung the interest of the general public for its Galaxy range, the Note is a product that manages to win.

Indeed, I’ve heard that the Korean manufacturer has sold more than 700,000 copies just to his native land, which is impressive. And late December, two months after its release, the Galaxy Rating 1 million had been delivered. Launching a white version at the moment is in fact orchestrated to maintain good sales volume. With its use of tablet-phone, equipped with a stylus, the Galaxy Note has seduced and could pave the way for some competitors eager for new markets.

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