The Smartphone – iPhone No Longer Assured Winner With Android Gaining Share

The supremacy of the iPhone is no more. Yet it has created the category that meets now a global success as shortly ordinary mobile phone is likely to simply disappear.

android smartphonesThe smartphone is the Swiss Army knife of digital technology, an all-in-a nomad who really knows everything. Even if a device dedicated to a particular function is usually best in its field, the smartphone offers an acceptable compromise that fits in a pocket. Paradoxically, it is also the success that has set back the iPhone, one model can not be sufficient to meet the expectations of an entire population. It was therefore a credible alternative, and has created Android, the Google system.

Now mature, it offers features and ergonomics like this with Apple’s advantage over customization and the disadvantage use a little less intuitive and offers downloadable content less well organized than in the AppStore.

But it’s the hardware side that Android smartphones have taken more advantage over the iPhone with the latest development is not very spectacular. Some manufacturers are even more of the map with a large screen, an equipment maximum performance worthy of a computer, all in a very thin phone. Others try the difference with a smaller footprint or otherwise in excess by making the junction with the tablets.

The choice is still growing with a Windows phone which comes in the form, the constraints imposed by Microsoft evolved. When compared to Android, Windows Phone is also nice to use, provides better integration of social networks and a more personal content. However, there are few applications and they are expensive.

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