Top 6 Gaming Smartphones

Gaming smartphones are a relatively new development and there is a lot of demand for them in the market. In general these are used for playing games and no other purpose. We have considered 5 of the best phones and they will have their own phone number and if you have more than one, they will all have their own phone numbers. These help when you want to contact others from these phones.

1. iPhone 4
Apple’s iPhone 4 has the best of operating technology and this result in it having a multi-touch display, accelerometer to speed up the phone (required if you are playing a fast game), good GPU, decent sized screen, and easy options to connect to different interfaces. Though it will also have a phone number, it faces some difficulty in connecting via HDMI for a full game. This is the best gaming smartphone for people who are on the move and for games; it has more than 70,000 prepared by Apple and others available at their store.

2. Google Nexus S
The next is the machine called Google Nexus S from Samsung. It runs on a newer system called Android 2.3. This has a fast 1GHz processing unit, three axis gyroscopes for the machine to remain steady and a nice processor for graphics. Choice of games is high, but not as high as iPhone 4.

3. LG Optimus 2X
LG Optimus 2X is the only machine with a dual core. The touch screen is large and 4 inches in size and a gyro-sensor to keep the machine steady. This machine requires a phone number so that its PlayStation emulator (PSX4Droid) can help you play all games.

4. Samsung Wave S8500
A good machine is Samsung Wave S8500 and this is different since it operates in its own BADA OS. This would make it difficult to continue as Android is becoming the accepted norm for gaming smartphones. Other features are Super AMOLED touchscreen, 1GHz Hummingbird CPU and a PowerVR graphics engine.

5. Samsung Galaxy S
Another top of the line gaming smartphone is also from Samsung and is called Samsung Galaxy S. The main difference with the other model is that it has POWERVR SGX 540 graphics and this makes it fastest among all gaming smartphones using Android.

6. Sony Ericsson XPeria Play
A special one is Sony Ericsson XPeria Play. It has a facility which helps to enjoy a lot of games as it has special controls. This led to development of playing on a gaming smartphone.

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