Finding The Best Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage disposal units are very useful in ensuring the functionality and longevity of plumbing infrastructure both in residential and work places. Finding such units should not be an overwhelming task especially since many retailers and distributors exist in the market. However, landing the best garbage disposal unit that will meet your requirements will require keen consideration and comparisons. Fortunately, there are various hallmarking attributes that can be used to distinguish high quality garbage disposal units from the rest. Nonetheless, it is first important to know the components that make up this system.

What is a garbage disposal unit?

Food particles and scraps form about 20% of total waste from households. When this waste is not properly dumped and managed, it can lead to different issues including health hazards. A garbage disposal unit basically shreds these food items into smaller pieces (about 2mm) that can pass through plumbing units and pipes. A typical garbage disposal unit used in most modern homes comprises of an induction motor that rotates at speeds of 1400 rpm. These electrical motors often rate around 250-750 watts and provide about 1/3-1 horsepower (see: InSinkerator Evolution Excel). Inside the garburator (as it is commonly known) is a grinding chamber with rotating metal turntables where all the food particles drop. Two swiveling metal impellers fill the food to a grinder which breaks them down to small particles. Small holes at the base of the chamber allow particles that have been ground small enough to pass through into the pipes in the plumbing infrastructure.


Choosing garbage disposal units

Finding garbage disposal units should not be a problem and about 50% of homes in the US have such units as of 2009. This just shows how popular they have become over the last few years. However, not all systems will meet your requirements and some may just break down too soon. When shopping for such products it is important to find high quality models that will not only last long but are also easy to install in your existing system. Most units are installed under a sink between the drain and trap. Some of the things to take note of include the following:

  • Size – it should be the right size to fit under your kitchen’s sink
  • Energy rating – the ideal units are those rated at 250 watts for small households. If you have more waste, consider rates of 500 and 750 watts.
  • Compatibility – it should easily install under your sink without much modification of the pipes and infrastructure.
  • Quality – this will affect the unit’s durability. Find credible distributors who offer top quality products. You can check their reputation and reviews to gauge the quality standards
  • Speed – some are slower (running at 1400 rpm) while the fastest ones can achieve up to 1800 rpm and 2500 rpm. Depending on the size of your waste, find one that works for you.


Other considerations required for the best garbage disposal unit include competitive affordability, quality guarantees and installation services. When purchasing such equipment, it is always advisable to buy from credible licensed distributors who are allowed to sell them within the area. This will ensure you get original genuine quality from the manufactures. They are also more likely to offer guarantees and installation services along with the product.

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