Technology Innovations To Change Our Lives From IBM

technologyIBM has unveiled its “IBM 5 in 5″, a list of the major innovations that will be made ​​to change our lifestyles in the next five years. Based on social trends and market new technologies, the paper co-written by the heads of IBM labs around the world and trace the outline of the expected changes. Here are quick ideas behind each of these major innovations:

Self Charging Energy

IBM believes that perpetual motion generated by humans is the energy source of tomorrow. Walking, running, biking, using a computer, it generates movement and calories, with good features, can be recycled into energy. Not to mention the mechanisms used in our societies, such as pipe in which passes all water used by humans and could be used to generate electricity using mini-turbines. All this energy is lost, then it could be used for transportation, home, business and cities. IBM scientists are working on numerous systems that will improve the energy balance of each.


IBM envisions a world in which there would be no need to create and remember all the passwords you need to secure their digital life. Soon it will be possible under its scientists to appear before an ATM, to say his name and to use a small identification device (eg retinal) to withdraw money safely. The human body is the key as secure as possible according to IBM to access all data related to its existence.

Mind Reading Technology

IBM is also working on systems that capture neurological activity to transform it into actions on computer systems. Within five years it will be possible according to the IBM labs to think about calling someone and see their smartphone automatically dial the number. Helmets with advanced sensors now allow progress in the research and read the electrical activity of the human brain.

Bridging the digital divide

In five years, access to information should be almost universal on the planet, especially with advances made in mobile technologies. 7 billion people on the planet today and 5.6 billion mobile phones will be in circulation in five years. This means that 80% of the population will have access to information. Improved network helping, IBM believes that all areas should benefit, communication, information, health, etc..

The end of spam

According to IBM, in five years, unsolicited advertisements will be so customized and relevant as they give the impression that the spam is gone. At the same time, spam filters are so sophisticated that the user will not have the impression of being bored. “Imagine that you are offered your mobile concert tickets for your favorite band on the night of the week you are available because the system knows your agenda,” says IBM, which boasts the era of digital efficiency. Impressive, but also very disturbing in some way.

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