Understanding the Features That Come With TVs

Technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years more so than ever before. Progress begets progress and so one breakthrough will inevitably lead to another, or at least to the development of better tools that can improve production rates.

Thus phones, computers and games consoles have all grown in their functionality and features and are almost unrecognizable from the devices that we once used. But what has remained far more recognizable until recently is the humble television which has a basic and simple purpose to fulfil and has had not much need to change its fundamentals.

But that has all changed in recent times as the technological possibilities of the TV have been blown wide open with recent developments. This has lead suddenly to a range of new options and categories when choosing televisions that can lead to a better experience but which may be hard to navigate if you aren’t familiar with the terms. Here we will look at how to better understand what these terms mean and what these different TVs do.


LG 3D TV 블로거 비교 체험 행사

3D TVs of course have the ability to show 3D images. This requires you to wear a pair of 3D glasses which are no longer the red and green glasses but instead made of transparent plastic. These are used to show you two images at once while watching the films, but they require you to have a 3D channel, game or film to watch in order to work. In other words you can’t just watch the normal programs you would watch and enjoy them in 3D; they have to be specifically designed for 3D viewing.

Smart TVs

Samsung SMART TV 1

Smart TVs are TVs that do more than just let you watch films and TV channels and instead are almost like very simplified PCs. These work by running an OS or ‘operating system’ which is capable of running other software. For the most part this OS is the familiar Android software that comes installed on many smart phones and tablets. In other words then that means you can play most of the games and apps from your android phone on your TV such as Angry Birds. 


Sony KDL-40W2000 LCD HDTV (Logos)

Every TV by now should be HD, which basically means that it has more pixels on the screen allowing for crisper and more detailed images. In order to enjoy HD, much like 3D though, the signal coming through also needs to be in HD which means you need to be watching a HD channel or a HD DVD. This also then needs to be further connected to your sky box or DVD player via a HD cable which carries the signal.

Gesture Control

365: Everything is great

This is a relatively new technology that integrates Kinect-type function with your TV essentially allowing you to switch channels or alter the volume by waving your hands or making a particular gesture. This then negates the need for a TV remote thereby meaning you’ll never lose it – but more importantly meaning you’ll impress all your friends when you watch TV with them.

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