Websites That Use Keyboard Shortcuts

If you consider yourself a ‘power user’ and work on the computer a lot, then you  are probably well versed in the language of the keyboard shortcut and know all of the little tricks in Windows, Word, Chrome and whatever other software you use on a regular basis.

But did you know that there are also websites that sport keyboard shortcuts and that allow you to get around faster and more efficiently? This way when browsing through your favorite websites you can be much quicker and more efficient and thereby be connected with the information you need sooner. This is of course highly useful if you need to perform the same actions on the same sites day in and day out and can shave minutes off of your working day to allow you to squeeze in even more productivity.

A Few Sites That Use Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a bunch of different sites that use keyboard shortcuts, and one of the most well known of these is GMail, which for instance allows you to flit between newer and older e-mails with a tap of the J and K buttons on your keyboard respectively. There are many more shortcuts as well of course that you can use and if you set them to on in your options and look up some documentation you can do everything from replying to e-mails to condemning them to the trash can without so much as touching your mouse. And it’s much quicker.

J and K are actually very useful keys when it comes to keyboard shortcuts and can be used almost universally across a number of different websites. For instance you can use these two to switch between items in Google Reader as well, and even between Tweets on Twitter and on items on Tumblr. Then there are the other shortcuts on other sites, such as the ability in Wikipedia to go to a random page by pressing ctrl + K. Have a play around on your favorite and most commonly used websites and see if you can’t find some helpful shortcuts to speed up your navigation.

Shortcuts and the Rest of the Web

But to an extent you can use your keyboard to navigate a site even if it doesn’t support keyboard shortcuts. Any browser of course will allow you to scroll up and down the page using the arrow keys, or you can use PgUp and PgDn to do it much more quickly and whiz through a page.  Ctrl + f meanwhile will allow you to find a word on most pages, while Ctrl + s will usually save the page for you to read offline. You can also use tab to select elements on a page and then hit enter to select a link. As most websites don’t require much input from the user, this is all you often need.

That said it would be nice to see a few more fun shortcuts on websites too. How about a site that let you change the color of the page by pressing a key? Or a site that had a keyboard shortcut for each page, or for cycling through posts on a blog. It only requires a very basic bit of Java implementation, the code for which you can find online, and it would make life easier for your visitors while at the same time impressing them and bringing a smile to their faces. And if you can make your visitors smile then you can rest assured they’ll be more likely to come back to your site again.

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