Windows 8 Power Off Issue Possibility

windows 8To power off a Windows computer has been a simple task until now. Windows 8 and its new interface Metro for touch makes this operation more complex and users may have to relearn basic actions.

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s answer to standardize the various terminals on Windows, and especially to help them play catch up in sales.

As Apple chose to integrate the functionality of IOS in Mac OS X, Microsoft has opted for further convergence between its platforms, which may lead to a few inconveniences.

Productivity loss for users of a keyboard / mouse

The interface of Windows 8 Metro was first thought to use only touch. But the publisher ensures that Metro is also suitable for use via a keyboard and mouse. Performing the simple shut down task may indeed become more complex in a standard PC. The action to stop a machine, in Windows 7 and earlier, you just to click on the “Start” menu, then “Stop” button. In Windows 8, this simple operation is much more complicated. It is now necessary firstly to point the cursor at the bottom of the screen and right click to display a menu bar.

The user must then click on “Settings”, and finally the “Stop” button which proposes to turn the machine off or reboot. Having to go through a menu configuration is probably not the most intuitive action to stop a PC.

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