Samsung Display Now Standalone Company

Samsung Display is now a full-fledged business and is proud of the status of world leader in display market.

It’s official, the manufacturing activity of screens from Samsung called Samsung Display has been separated from the main entity Samsung Electronics to become a full-fledged standalone business. This is from Donggun Park, Samsung vice president and man at the head of the LCD division for several years, who has consistently been elected CEO of Samsung Display.

Based on figures from the LCD business of Samsung Electronics, namely an annual turnover of about $20 billion in 2011, Samsung Display is becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of screens.. . And no small thanks to its 20,000 employees working in five manufacturing sites worldwide.

Donggun Park said during a small conference organized by Samsung: “We will make Samsung Display a respected company through continuous efforts to provide a wide variety of bespoke products that provide added value to our customers staying constantly one step ahead of our competitors, we can make the very best business display market”. A conference at which 350 guests and employees of the group were invited we told this is also an opportunity for Samsung to reflect that this is 21 years they have worked with the determination to be number one.

Samsung Display was born as a cell R&D division for Samsung Electronics in 1991 and has developed some of the most innovative technologies in recent decades in terms of screens. As an independent structure, Samsung Display hopes to respond more quickly than in the past to market changes and continue to invent new promising technologies.

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