Boost Reception Of 3G On iPad

ipadThe company Pong Research has developed a case for iPad that helps boost the power of 3G reception on your shelf while making its waves less harmful. A little miracle. How is this possible? Jon Phillips, an editor at Ars Technica wanted to know a little more and made the test case by a specialist laboratory.

This test shows that the iPad has a proximity sensor that reduces the power of 3G waves up to 75% as soon as someone or something is approaches one centimeter to the tablet, so to reduce the potential harmful effects. So the signal is much weaker and loses the connection quality, speed and stability. This is especially true if the iPad is already protected by a case, including the Smart Cover, thus reducing significantly the sensitivity to the network.

Pong solves the problem by providing a perforated case the location of the proximity sensor, which allows the 3G continue to function normally without reduction waves, and added a built-in protection circuit to distribute the air away from the user. According to the laboratory that tested the device is serious and it works, although it should be noted that the case of Pong does not “boost” the signal but avoids not just that it is degraded. Protection Pong will be marketed and costs $ 100.

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