Nokia Tablet on Windows 8 By June 2012

It’s looking highly likely we are about to see a Nokia Tablet running on the new Windows 8 system.

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, has always claimed, a tablet from Nokia could certainly see the light of day, but not before it looks like a unique product and not “one of the 200 tablets that has emerged over the last few years.

nokia tabletAnd it seems that the time has come for Nokia to confront the iPad and the slew of Android tablets. Digitimes says that a subcontractor in Taiwan, Compal Electronics, is already in line to make thousands of copies of a Nokia Tablet Windows 8 and probably driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor S4 (double-heart and at least 1.5 GHz).

With an update of Windows Phone from Windows Phone 7.5 to 8 expected by the end of the year – and hopefully an update Lumia logic to this new OS – Nokia would then be in a good position for a 2012 Windows hybrid that could finally launch Windows Phone to operationalize the concept and Windows 8.

The Nokia tablet should be presented in the month of June 2012.

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