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10 Ways Your iPhone Keeps You Organised

Once you become an iPhone owner you’ll find you’ll change your way of doing many things. For instance, no longer will you be carrying around an address book, as your daily planner can be thrown out the door, you never have to ask anybody else when you’re due for your next appointment,...

3 Workout Apps to Help Get those Results You Crave

Getting the lean and healthy body you crave isn’t just based on nutrition, running, or excessive amounts of lifting. Instead, it is the usage of a balanced plan that’ll leave you feeling great with the body you want, a process which has become even easier with the invention of the iPhone....

Apple Maps: A Case of Style Over Substance?

Promising to be ‘the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever’ Apple Maps is the app set to replace Google’s offering for iOS 6. In typical Cupertino fashion, the focus is on a clean user experience: vector-based images and high-resolution 3D views are the landmark features...
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US Consumers Slow Adapters To Mobile Payments

Even though Apple is a big leader in the area of smart phones, they are really only a small part of the massive confluence that is wireless finance, a world that includes players as varied as merchants, banks, credit card companies and processors, various smart phone on a variety of operating systems...

Apps to Make Your iPad or iPhone a Fun-Seeking Tour Guide

Its summertime and vacation is in the air. Whether you’re planning a few weekend road trips to neighboring tourist traps or a weeklong getaway with the family to an unknown destination, you’ll get some much needed rest and relaxation. It can take a bit of research to plan a fun trip with...
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Google Tablet Release Delay Rumor

The launch date of the first Google tablet that’s sold directly online could be postponed to July rather than May in a last effort to lower its cost. There is still no identified source for the distribution of the latest rumors about the touch pad that Google Android is supposed to be releasing...

Apple To Become Top Mobile Chip Manufacturer

Already the acknowledged leader in the tablet market and smartphone industries, Apple is set to dislodge Intel Corporation as the top manufacturer of mobile chips in the world. The former was head to head with the latter in 2011 according to a study by In-Stat. However, thanks to the success of the iPhone...
iphone apps

The Best Route IPhone and Android App Development

Both the iPhone and the Android platforms have become ubiquitous throughout the smart phone world.the iPhone is arguably still the most popular the smart phone platforms, mainly due to it being the first on the block with apps and easy touchscreen interface. The app marketplace has taken off better than...
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